2009 Session Descriptions

FA (Financial Aid) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:   Tom Thompson - tthompson@mercyhurst.edu

FA01Transition from FFELP to Direct LendingMargaret Vale
Donna Hemling
Loyola University Maryland
Loyola University Maryland
Come learn how to set up the Direct Loan Program on Colleague, as well as with the Department of Education. The focus is on idiosyncrasies and problems encountered and how these issues were resolved.
FA02Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?Brett GoldmanDatatelLet’s look at some of the highlights of what’s been released over the past few months, and what’s coming up throughout the autumn. We will emphasize the largest impact items, discuss how they’ve been working in your environments, and peek into the future so you can prepare for changes coming.
FA03COD Processing – Where We Are Now Brett GoldmanDatatelLet’s step back and take a look at COD processing in Colleague. We’ll review exporting and importing for the growing number of COD awards, as well as the underlying structure of directories and files.
FA04FA RoundtableSherry ProperAllegheny College 
FA05FA Communications ManagementTom ThompsonMercyhurst College 

FAB (Finance and Business) Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:  Joe Miller - jmiller@ccac.edu

FAB01Hidden in Plain Sight: Colleague Finance and AR/CR Tips & Tricks From the FieldDave SchroederDatatelCome to this session, led by one of Datatel's most experienced consultants, and learn tips and tricks on little-known features of Colleague Finance and AR/CR that can save you time and frustration.
FAB02Replacing Campus Book Vouchers or Batches with a Real-time InterfaceLeila MacCarthyTrimdata Corp.Implementing a two-way, real-time interface between the campus bookstore and Colleague. Streamline processes, reduce errors and eliminate manual labor. Charges are authorized in real-time and an invoice is created on the student account in Colleague. FA~Link is an optional module in Datatel R18.
FAB03Discover the Power of WebAdvisor Self-service Web FormsDave SchroederDatatelLearn first-hand how to implement WebAdvisor self-service web forms. 
FAB04Bursar and Student Accounts RoundtableChrista EberleSusquehanna UniversityJoin us for a lively discussion about issues and problems that are unique to dealing with, communicating with, and counseling students regarding their bills, outstanding balances and other relevant topics. Ask questions, share innovations, and best practices in a small group setting with your colleagues.
FAB05Informer Web Reporting: Access to your data has never been easier!Alex LeupenEntrinsik, IncEntrinsik demonstrates Informer™, a web-based reporting solution that provides real-time access to multiple SQL and MultiValue data sources from one intuitive interface anytime, anywhere. Perfect for end users, Informer is also quick and easy to implement, and enables institutions of all sizes to perform on-demand data analysis.
FAB06Building the Budget Widener's WayKaren PedanoWidener UniversityAn overview of Widener University's experience setting-up the Budget Management module.  The session will cover what needs to be considered when preparing to install, as well as, lessons learned during implementation.

HR (Human Resources) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:  Jill Schutz -  jschutz@ccac.edu

HR01Communications Management & HRErica AustinWidener UnivInterested in using Communications Management to organize how you communicate with your employees?  Come to this session to see an example of how Widener is using Communications Management for Payroll and to learn how to get started using it at your school.
HR02So We DON'T Take Out Medicare? The Legal Intricacies in Working With Foreign NationalsDan Stabb
Hubert Whan Tong
Widener Univ
This session will review the key differences in working with nonimmigrant visa holders and permanent residents . Key topics will include: determining residency, taxation, federal reporting, and payroll issues. 
HR03Security for HRMichelle DickinsonWidener UniversityThis session will provide an overview of how to perform a security risk assessment in an area and provide examples on specific security concerns within any HR process.
HR04Biff,bam, boom, Position ID update/copy Gary BercikCCACLearn how to update position ID's using a process that copies the data fields and creates a new position.
HR05Round Table Coffee Talk: Payroll ExperiencesPat Strano and Peg MargeWidener UniversityCome to this informal coffee talk to meet new friends and network with those who have "been there done that."  Networking is one of the highlights of going to a conference.  This could be one of the most valuable sessions of the day because you will get phone numbers and email addresses of the one person who may have the answer to your nagging problem.
HR06Payroll 101 - Payroll Taxes: From Tax Table Import to 941Jill L. SchutzCCACFor beginners or those who need another look. See an overview of the tax table import, learn how to utilize Excel to track payrolls and calculate tax payments, complete the Quarterly 941 form, and balance to the general ledger.
HR07Payroll 101 - Group termination & Batch Wage ChangesJill L. SchutzCCACLearn how these Datatel processes can make your life easier.  End your student or adjunct positions after each year or term using the GTRM  or update wages using BEWC processes.
IA (Institutional Advancement) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:  Lisa O'Dellick - odellil@juniata.edu

IA01Tools to aid CA conversionTodd Fox/Susan FentonAllegheny College 
IA02Using Major Donors in Colleague AdvancementNancy BryantWashington & JeffersonCome and see some of the updates and enhancements to the Major Donors module in CA, so that you can better track your donors and begin to utilize the module to its fullest potential.
IA03Tracking Scholarship Donors and Recipients: The Why's and How's when you use another software vendor for Financial AidLisa O'DellickJuniata CollegeLearn how Juniata informs scholarship recipients and donors of their yearly gift and how to turn that information into gift leads.
IA04Preparing for CA - Understanding the preparation utilities.Neil BellesNeumann UniversityBenefactor and Colleague CA Preparation Utilities, Efforts regarding duplication in both environments, and use of MS Access "Duplicate Wizard Reporting" as an additional duplicate identification technique.  
IA05Ben to CA RoundtableLisa O'DellickJuniata CollegeWhere are you in your conversion?  Just started, somewhere in the middle, finished?  Join other converting clients to share your knowledge and ask questions of others.
IA06Using Communications Management in CANeed a Presenter How are you using the new features in CA Communications Management.
IA07Using Recurring DonationsNeed a Presenter  

IT (Information Technology) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:   James Williams - williaja@neumann.edu

IT01Query Builder with UI WebNancy BryantWashington and Jefferson UniversitySit back and hear a presentation on how one user is utilizing QueryBuilder with Web UI
IT02Making a List and Checking It TwiceJames WilliamsNeumann UniversityYour bad ol' IT department took the colon prompt away, but you still need to create and edit saved lists.  This session will show you some little known mnemonics that will allow you to create and edit saved lists without relying on Query Builder. (New Users, Experienced)
IT03Goodbye Mr. GrayJames WilliamsNeumann UniversityStill have query statements that you call from mnemonics?  Here's how to get rid of the ugly gray screen and give your process a more uniform look with little or no programming. (Experienced)
IT04Colleague Studio 101Jason RamseyAllegheny CollegeAfraid to get started with Envision Programming?  You can get started at least with this basic how-to session, that will get you good enough to... well... probably break your system.  A basic custom file, custom UI screen, custom WebAdvisor screen that was built for the college Health Center will be demonstrated
IT05Identity Theft, the Law, You, and ComplianceRuss BilottaNeumann UniversityData breaches and identity theft are in the news nearly every day. As we are duty-bound to protect data, don't skip this presentation if you are not familiar with SOX, GLBA, FERPA, HIPPA, and CALEA. One segment covers practical methods everyone can use to stay in compliance. 
IT06IT CAT Client Feedback ForumErica AustinWidener UniversityInterested on giving your input on IT issues important to your school?  Come to this session to provide the IT CAT and Datatel with input on top technical issues at your school. Discussion topics will also include WebAdvisor workflow improvement and how duplicate records impact your school.

MR (Managing for Quality Results) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:   Tom Carnwath - tcarnwath@uarts.edu 

MR01When Outsourcing goes Terribly WrongTom CarnwathUniversity of the ArtsAs discussion about the process of identifying resources suitable for outsourcing, considerations to understand in developing a strategy, responsibilities, and case study about a failure in the process. Do we understand what the solutions are that we are trying to accomplish and can we determine outsourcing as a logical response to service needs.
MR02Small School CIO Risk Management; Under the Radar or Under the Gun?Mark HuberSusquehanna UniversityHow do we manage risk? What are our responsibilities? What do we need to do in mitigating risk? Some potential topics to cover would include:ePHI, PII, P2P,
Business Continuity, H1N1, Theft, IP-security cameras, IDS, Backup,
Cloud Computing Agreements... 
MR03From vision to strategic to tactical plan – how to get from a to b to cPeter ShoudyWidener UniversityTBA
MR04CIO Roundtable: Challenges in Tough TimesTom Carnwath, moderator What are the issues most troubling to managing IT in higher education. EDUCAUSE identifies the top ten issues facing CIOs today in 2009. Are you facing the same issues: Finding IT, Administrative ERP Information Systems,Security, Infrastructure/Cyberstructure, Identity Management/Access Management, Governance and Organization, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Accountability, Learning Management Systems. Are these the issues you are tackling. Do you have other issues that you have solved and are willing to share. An open session to discuss what's on our minds.

ST (Enrollment and Student Services) Track Sessions

Have a session idea?  Contact Track Leader:   Jason Ramsey - jramsey@allegheny.edu

ST01Admissions RoundtableJason RamseyAllegheny College 
ST02Astra Schedule VIILaurie FullertonGannon UniversityA demonstration of Ad Astra's newest version of scheduling software for sections, events and resources across campus.
ST03Putting Faces to Names on WebAdvisorMitch PittsenbargerGannon UniversityFind out how Gannon added student and faculty photos from their ID system to class schedules and rosters.
ST05Tricking your ELFsJason RamseyAllegheny CollegeWhile ELF wasn't looking, we tricked him into importing Admissions data from all different kinds of sources.  Learn how to minimize your programming load and maximize your data, and make ELF a hard hobbit to break.
ST06Con-ed Course ProcessingAlan BickertonCommunity College of Allegheny CountyCCAC created a web front end to help facilitate their continuing education course processing.  Take a peek under the hood and learn how they did it.
Vendor Sessions

For Vendor information, contact Rich Metzger - rmetzger@allegheny.edu

VEN01Building a Strategic Academic Enterprise DatatelAligning your resources with your institutional mission and our solutions­that is true partnership. Learn more about Datatel’s strategic direction and see how contemporary technologies and improved usability and accessibility break down silos and create a true strategic academic enterprise.

VEN02Join the Datatel Team for an Open Forum DatatelJoin the Datatel Team for an Open Forum. Bring your questions and curiosities and learn how to strengthen your use of Datatel’s solutions

VEN03Improving Performance by being Data Informed DatatelNever has information been so critical. Maneuvering through difficult economic times means making tough choices. Making tough choices with confidence means seeing the whole picture. Seeing the whole picture means yesterday, today and tomorrow. Learn proven strategies for how to build reports that answer these questions and drive results.

VEN04This Changes Everything DatatelColleague user experience has literally been transformed. With the release of Datatel’s new user experience, our brand new interface, and the Active Campus Portal, the way you use Colleague can increase efficiency, productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Attend this session to really see the possibilities of working in this new environment that puts people first

VEN05Retention Alert: You can’t afford not to Datatel

VEN06Title: Datatel-integrated enterprise content management – Putting Information at Your FingertipsJodi ThielPerceptive SoftwareWith a single click from your Datatel applications, enterprise content management solutions from Perceptive Software puts paper and electronic documents at your fingertips.  Learn how Perceptive Software's cost-effective, patented integration technology maximizes the functionality of your existing Datatel software applications across all departments. Perceptive Software is Datatel’s exclusive enterprise content management partner.

VEN07Laser Printing Made EasyJim ConstantinSource4“Laser Printing Made Easy- Learn about our software that converts Datatel default print output to blank laser-printed forms without reprogramming the application. Output goes to laser printer, fax, e-mail or PDF. Learn why over 190 Datatel users have selected Source4”.

VEN08Don't Scan It - Capture ItLew LoveSoftdocs, IncIt is Softdocs' belief that scanning a paper documents should be the last resort when implementing imaging solutions within Higher Ed institutions. Why physically scan when you can capture and import them from Colleague and other third party solutions.  With Softdocs, an institution will gain greater efficiencies, less keying errors, which improves customer service to other associates, students or vendors.  This session will address the how to's of capture and imports.

VEN09Inside/Outside/Upside Down with Datatel eCommerce and BeyondTom GavinOfficial PaymentsThis presentation will cover the Datatel/Official Payments eCommerce interface and how to set up applications outside of Datatel such as event registration, summer programs, fund raisers, or anything and everything else you would like to move to the Web.  Will also show our New Client Connect Reporting System, Efunding, Payment Plans, and Bill Presentment modules.  Go Green and Save Green with Official Payments

VEN10Replacing Book Vouchers with a Real-Time Interface Leila MacCarthyTrimDataImplement a two-way, real-time interface between the campus bookstore and Colleague. Streamline processes, reduce errors and eliminate manual labor. Charges are authorized in real-time and an invoice is created on the student account in Colleague. FA~Link is an optional module in Datatel R18.

VEN11Informer Web Reporting: Consolidated Access to Multiple Data Sources Has Never Been Easier!Alex LeupenEntrinsik IncLearn how Informer 4.0 can save you money by getting timely information into the right hands. This new softwarerelease provides users across your organization with easy and controlled access to information from multiple systems, platforms, or locations eliminating data silo constraints whether you have a data warehouse or not.  With only a few mouse clicks you can quickly connect multiple sources of data to provide a single point of webbased access to ad-hoc reports, giving technical and business users choices in how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports based on real-time data.  For more information and to view a video product tour, visit www.entrinsik.com/solutions/informer/tour.php.