2008 Session Descriptions

FAB (Finance and Business) Sessions

Track Leader:  John Sonnen - jsonnen@washjeff.edu

FAB01Data Security and Employee Best Practices for the Business OfficeJohn SonnenWashington & Jefferson CollegeThis session will focus on reviewing a list of 20 or more employee practices that will keep your office in compliance with federal laws such as GLBA and FERPA.  These tips and tricks will help prevent accidental identity theft by well intentioned employees.
FAB02From Bored to Board with FRXSally RodriquezReading Area Community CollegeCome see how Reading Area Community College uses FRX to do monthly Financial Reports and Board Reports.  They are quite pleased with the results.  This is not a sales presentation. 
FAB03Entrinsik Informer Used for Financial Reporting at Allegheny CollegeJodi Millin and Jason RamseyAllegheny CollegeInformer from Entrinsik is a reporting tool that is easier for end-users than Query Builder.  The implementation and use of Informer has been of great value at Allegheny.  It has completely supplanted any plans on Query builder for reporting.  In addition it allows users to retrieve information in any one of several useful formats for use in further analysis.  This demonstration and lecture session will focus on reports we have created related to student accounts, general ledger, and other financial data.  
FAB04Controller RoundtableTom SzejkoWashington & Jefferson CollegeControllers and CFO's are welcome to join us for this roundtable session to share with other financial managers just like you!    Participants have ample opportunity to chat with colleagues about mutual topics of interest.  Ask questions, share innovations, move from topic to topic in a small group setting.
FAB05Student Accounts RoundtableChrista Eberle and John SonnenSusquehanna University and Washington & Jefferson CollegeStudent account managers are welcome to join us for this roundtable session to talk about issues and problems that are unique to dealing with, communicating with, and counseling with students regarding their bills, outstanding balances and topics of that ilk. Ask questions, share innovations, and move from topic to topic in a small group setting with your colleagues.

HR (Human Resources) Track Sessions

Track Leader:  Jill Schutz -  jschutz@ccac.edu

HR01Self Service for Payroll
Employee Online Services on Web
Pat StranoWidener UniversityEmployee Online Services on Web
HR02 Leave Plans Made Easy! Brenda BalonisSusquehanna UniversityThis session take you through the steps of planning and setting up leave plans and how to use them with or without Web Time Entry.
HR03 How To Set Up and Manage Web Time Entry Cathy SmithSusquehanna UniversityThis session will take you through the steps of setting up Web Time Entry on the HR side as well as tips on how to manage it once it’s up and running.
HR04PA SecureIDDavid TandbergPennsylvania Department of EducationThis state issued ID will be assigned to every student in the state to track their educational progress from K through college.  Come see what thePennsylvania Information Management System is and how it can benefit the state and the institutions that participate.
HR05Race - Ethnicity Codes Changes

Erez Lenchner       

LaGuardia Community CollegeNew ethnicity codes for IPEDS reporting come find out how others plan to handle these changes.
HR06Applicant Tracking for Higher EducationJohn Kercher
Jay DiFrank
Gannon University
NovusHR is a web based solution that will automate your entire recruitment process and eliminate all that paper! This session will include Gannon University and you will have an opportunity to see the solution at work and ask Gannon University about challenges they faced during the rollout.  Get answers about automating your process today.
HR07Local Services Tax (LST) Compliance & Act 32 of 2008Jay Molluso, General CouncilCentral Tax Bureau, Inc.Local Service Tax compliance and Act 32 of 2008 which requires uniform withholding of income taxes and remittance to a single local collector.
HR08LST Compliance and Act 32 of 2008
Round Table
 Jill SchutzCCACJoin us to share ideas on LST compliance and Act 32 changes to withholding in Colleague
HR09Implementing Web Pay AdvicesDottie Wassel, Mitch PittsenbargerGannon UniversityThis session will focus on how Gannon plans to use Pay Advices in Web Advisor.  Gannon has developed a custom screen in Web Advisor to give employees the choice of viewing their pay advice online or to continue to receive a paper copy.

IA (Institutional Advancement) Track Sessions

Track Leader:  Lisa O'Dellick - odellil@juniata.edu

IA01Connections, Connections, ConnectionsNeil BellesNeumannMaintaining "Connections" with alumni online using iModules.  This session also crosses tracks with on-line Recruiting and Enrollment, "Connecting with prospects and applicants" using i2e and maintaining "Connections" while students.
IA02Colleague Advancement PreProcessorsNancy BryantWashington & JeffersonWhat you need to know to start your conversion process.
IA03Ben to CA Conversion Roundtable DiscussionGene BourneRoanoke CollegeHave questions about the Ben to CA conversion?  Come talk with others who have been there, done that.
IA04Colleague Advancement Conversion x5Tricia KelleyDeSalesLearn the ins and outs of the Benefactor to CA conversion.
IA05Colleague Advancement Implementation UpdateKarli GrantDatatel 

IT (Information Technology) Track Sessions

Track Leader:   James Williams - williaja@neumann.edu

IT01Using Query Builder with Web UINancy BryantWashington and Jefferson CollegeSit back and hear a presentation on how one user is utilizing QueryBuilder with Web UI
IT02Square Pegs, Round Holes James WilliamsNeumann CollegeOpen roundtable discussion on how institutions are interfacing Colleague/Benefactor with non-standard third-party data.
IT03Entrinsik Informer Used for Financial Reporting at Allegheny CollegeJodi Milling and Jason RamseyAllegheny CollegeInformer from Entrinsik is a reporting tool that is easier for end-users than Query Builder.  The implementation and use of Informer has been of great value at Allegheny.  It has completely supplanted any plans on Query builder for reporting.  In addition it allows users to retrieve information in any one of several useful formats for use in further analysis.  This demonstration and lecture session will focus on reports we have created related to student accounts, general ledger, and other financial data.  
IT04A FERPA Friendly Application DemonstrationMary Karg        Mitch PittsenbargerGannon UniversityGannon demonstrates its FERPA compliant application that allows students to use WebAdvisor to grant permission to release information to parents or other individuals.  Through WebAdvisor, Parent’s can view student records and Faculty, Advisors and Staff have an inquiry screen to verify to whom information can be legally released.  
IT05Colleague StudioRich LeeDatatel 
IT06IT CAT UpdateRich LeeDatatel 

MR (Managing for Quality Results) Track Sessions

Track Leader:   Tom Carnwath - tcarnwath@uarts.edu 

MR01Improving through Customer Satisfaction SurveysLinda Taylor, Director of University SystemsWidener UniversityDiscussion of the merits in asking your clients to rate your service provides insight to potential improvements in delivery of service. The presentation reviews what Widener discovered and how they used this information to enhance their commitment to quality service.
MR02Creating a PMO (Performance Management Office)Bruse Rice, director, Application Systems Development and Rich Sigler, Assistant Director, Project DevelopmentLoyola College in MarylandLoyola's new CIO needed to get a handle on all IT projects in-flight, so in the process, a new project was started; Create a PMO.  We started a year ago and have made great strides in creating a methodology that facilitates tracking, managing, reporting and creating repeatable processes using SharePoint.
MR03Developing a University Strategic Information Technology PlanPeter D. Shoudy, CIO and Linda Taylor, Director of University SystemsWidener UniversityWhat are the steps to developing a comprehensive strategic plan for technology and information at today's colleges and universities. Who is involved in the process? What are the tools needed for effective fact gathering? How is the plan promoted and what elements need to be included for successful implementation? A discussion of the Widener UIT Plan and how it is driving the future direction of information technology at the university.
MR04Putting the Pieces Together - Institutional Users Groups and Strategic  CommunicationJames A. Williams, Administrative AnalystNeumann CollegeLocal users groups help provide support for Colleague systems, but they also provide a strategic vehicle for effective communication and alignment of resources to sustain change. A discussion of how Institutional User Groups can play a significant role in promting change at your institution.
MR05Outsourcing, Insourcing, Partnering, Making the best of Limited ResourcesPeter Shoudy, CIO, Widener; James Williams, Neumann; Tom Carnwath, Vice President and CIO, UArts.  What are the issues facing IT departments in providing services and support? This session provides insight from managers who have experiences in outsourcing, insourcing, co-sourcing, partnering with vendors. 
MR06CIO/Director's RoundtableTom Carnwath, Moderator                All Participants As technology leaders we are constantly dealing with unique issues, perhaps not that unique. Come and discuss problems or concerns with your fellow technology leaders, perhaps even providing a solution for a colleague.

ST (Enrollment, Student Services and Financial Aid) Track Sessions

Track Leader:   Jason Ramsey - jramsey@allegheny.edu

ST01 Implementing the Common ApplicationJason Andracki & Jason RamseyAllegheny CollegeLearn how Allegheny tossed out the AAI rules and went their own way with the Common Application import.  It wasn't overnight, but eventually, we took the Common Application process from worst to first in the minds of IT and Enrollment.
ST02 ConnectionsNeil BellesNeumann CollegeNeumann College uses third-party online services at the "front-end" and "back-end" of our student experience at Neumann.  We have an online application (I2E - "Inquiry Too Enrollment") that imports prospect and application information into Colleague and an alumni online community using the 3rd party application - iModules.  The iModules alumni data is exported from Benefactor using DMP.  In addition, this presentation will briefly review the Colleague Transfer process to transfer student information from Colleague to Benefactor.
ST03 Yes, Colleague Has Student AffairsNeche DwyerDatatelStudent Affairs has evolved into the catch-all area of the institution to include Career Services, Judicial Affairs, Residence Life, and Student Organizations & Programs. At times, it may seem difficult to manage all aspects within your administrative system. Not so with Datatel Colleague. Come join us for a high-level overview of how all this can be managed with ease and simplicity while benefiting from a completely integrated ERP solution.
ST04 How Many Students Can You Afford to Lose; Retention Alert!Neche DwyerDatatelDatatel has delivered a solution that can help prevent students from leaving your institution and move them towards successful completion of their degree. Retention Alert is in general delivery as of December 2007 and it can be a strategic part of your efforts to identify students that could be in jeopardy of completing their degree for any reason.
ST05 Academic Standards ReportingKeri Fadden & Pete GiffordAllegheny CollegeAllegheny's Learning Commons office focuses on student learning needs and acts as a safety net to catch students that might otherwise slip through the cracks.  Learn how they implemented a communication system for faculty, student affairs and athletics to all stay in touch regarding the progress of students.
ST06 Electronic Timesheets for Student EmployeesPete GiffordAllegheny CollegeAllegheny recently implemented a homegrown electronic timesheet via WebAdvisor for student employees.  Learn how their new system streamlined the pay process for students, supervisors, the Financial Aid office and Human Resources.
ST07 Is Your Website Socially Acceptable?Rich LeeDatatelWe will examine the changing landscape of social media and electronic marketing, with emphasis on students' communication styles and preferences, to help you understand and develop social networking and e-marketing strategies that will resonate with your prospective students.
ST08 Waitlist Them All!Alison RichardSusquehanna UniversityWhen it’s time for registration, Susquehanna has all students submit their preferred sections to waitlists. Courses are set-up to indicate which students should receive priority in enrolling and Colleague assigns rating points according to students’ major, minor, and seniority.  When WLAV is run, those with the highest points are enrolled.  There is no benefit to being the first to list a preferred schedule, and no negative effect in being the last.
ST09 Registrar RoundtableLucy DrenthDelaware Valley CollegeCome talk with your peers regarding the hot topics facing Registrar and Records departments these days.
ST10 Enrollment RoundtableJason RamseyAllegheny CollegeWe'll have a discussion of the challenges each of us face in the world of admitting students.  Enrollment areas such as Admissions and Financial Aid, or anyone interested in those areas are welcome to attend.
ST11 Degree Audit 101Lucy DrenthDelaware Valley CollegeDoes Degree Audit scare you?  Do you dream of syntax errors or having every course show up under "Other Courses?"  Do you ever discover it wasn't a dream?  If so, come confront your Degree Audit fears and learn the basics.  Learn how to build requirements, how those requirements "talk" to one another, and how to copy programs and requirements.  We'll also talk about the workflow needed to build a new Program Evaluation and how to troubleshoot when it doesn't work.

Vendor Sessions

For Vendor information, contact Rich Metzger - rmetzger@allegheny.edu

VE01 Next Generation of Reporting from InformerAlex LeupenEntrinsik IncInformer's rich feature set represents the market's most mature MultiValue web-based reporting system.  With Informer, Datatel end-users leverage the Web to securely share up-to-the-minute operational information anytime, anywhere.  Join us as we demonstrate this easy-to-use reporting tool and experience why Informer is the reporting tool of choice for Datatel users.
VE02 ImageNow & Colleague: Eliminating the Paper ShuffleMelissa BowlesPerceptive SoftwarePerceptive Software, Inc., is proud to partner with Datatel to bring complementary enterprise document management, imaging and workflow solutions to Colleague software users worldwide.  Regardless of your Colleague application or version, our products seamlessly integrate with your applications to instantly deliver secure, digital versions of paper and other electronic documents associated with Colleague transactions.
VE03 Swiss Army Knife of Colleague Output!Lew LoveAIG Technology, IncE-forms customized output, electronic workflow, work queues, imaging, archival of documents; demonstrating D3Workflow Suite--not a PowerPoint presentation.
VE04 Implementing a Real-time Colleague FA to Bookstore InterfaceLeila MacCarthyTrimdata CorpImplementing a two-way, real-time interface between Colleague and your bookstore point-of-sale system allows students to use their Financial Aid and Sponsorship funds at the Bookstore as soon as they are registered and saves your Business Office hours of manual labor.  FA~Link streamlines proceses by eliminating paper vouchers, batch systems, and manual reconciliations.
VE05 Facilities Management in the Google EraScott HairSchoolDudeToday, the customers of your facilities department including faculty, students, and administration are increasingly growing up and living in a world where their answers and interaction with service providers are driven by the Internet--we call it the "Google Era."  They want immediate answers and instant gratification.  How is your organization perceived by these new customers and do your current processes and interaction with them convey the most positive view of you?  Were the tools and processes you use today built for the Google Era?  We will discuss the collaborative work environment and how it improves customer response and eases the burden on limitied staff.  This change is driven by technology but requires leadership and the courage to change.
VE06 Applicant Tracking for Higher EducationJohn KercherNovusolutionsNovusHR is a web based solution that will automate your entire recruitment process and eliminate all that paper!  This session will include Gannon University and you will have an opportunity to see the solution at work, and ask Gannon University about challenges they faced during the rollout.  Get answers about automating your process today.
VE07 Reduce Data Entry & Improve the Quality of data Entering Your Datatel SystemMichael KnaebleHershey Systems, Inc.Join Hershey Systems in a presentation/discussion on the benefits of using electronic forms and workflow to better manage the data gathering process to both improve services to students as well as staff productivity.  Specific examples will be cited currently in use in Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar, Human Resources and Facilities.  Hershey Systems is the leader in the development of web based document and process management solutions designed to enable our college and university clients to better serve their students, maintain and grow enrollments, and provide staff and faculty with tools to improve personal productivity.  Our subject matter expertise is amplified by our continuing support of college intern programs, the on-going development of tools and modules specific to higher education and the fact that all Hershey employees spend 90%+ of their professional time working with or on behalf of colleges and universities. More than 200 higher education clients use Hershey and among them over 50 Datatel colleges and universities have selected Hershey as their document management technology partner. 
VE08 Are You Paying Too Much for Your Payment Gateway/ProcesingTom GavinOfficial PaymentsOfficial Payments offers a completely hosted PCI Level 1 compliant payment solution which supports American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA, as well as eCheck payment options.  The Official Payments solution includes eBill and payment plans at no additional cost.
VE09 Campus Commerce TrendsJean SokolTouchnet Information Systems, IncEfficiency, technolog and trust are three key characteristics every business officer is searching for in a solid campus commerce solution.  This session will focus on how these characteristcs relate to the current solutions in the market and how the new security requirements are driving current trends.
VE10 Laser Printing Made EasyJim ConstantinSource4Electronic forms and more.  Software that converts Datatel default print output to customized blank laser-printed forms without reprogramming the Colleague application.  No additional hardware required.  Output goes to laser printer, fax, email or PDF.  Learn why over 180 Datatel users have selected Source4.