2007 Session Descriptions

2007 FA (Financial Aid) Track Sessions

Track Leader:  Charlene Bedillion - cbedillion@washjeff.edu

The "Paperless" Financial Aid Office utilizing Document ImagingCindy HaneyMontgomery County Community CollegeThis session will describe the process Montgomery County Community College used to find an imaging vendor and implement Document Imaging in the Financial Aid Office.  The presenter will demonstrate how the imaging software is utilized to help streamline processes, assist in workflow, and provide a tool that isn’t location sensitive.
How we can use AES/PHEAA as our destination pointPamela WolfeSusquehannaThis session will focus on the following:                                      1.       Using AES/PHEAA as a destination point

2.       ISIR Data Importing and Corrections

3.       Pell/ACG/Smart set up and processing
COD Overview & Best Practices DiscussionSherry ProperAllegheny College>Description:  Schools participating in Pell Grant, ACG, National SMART Grant, or Direct Loan Programs must report recipients' awards and disbursements to the Department of Education through the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System.  After an overview of Datatel's COD functionality, the presenter will share how her institution uses Datatel COD and encourage others to compare their COD processes, share information, and ask questions.
Communications ManagementMichelle Vettorel      Beth CreehanWashington & Jefferson CollegeThis session will explain basic set-up for communications management as well as discuss one financial aid office’s use of this module to assist with verification, awarding, and document tracking. 


2007 FOM (Financial Operations & Management) Sessions

Track Leader:  Dory Peterson - dpeterson@racc.edu

Good Morning DatatelDory PetersonReading Area Community College Roundtable discussion of hot topics, tips and tricks, and solution resources. Bring your coffee with you! 
From Bored to Board – FRX in Action Sally RodriguezReading Area Community College How RACC uses FRX to do monthly Financial Reports and Board Reports.
Benefits of e-Procurement Dan Corazzi Mercury CommerceAutomating the sourcing process, from vendor registration to quotes, RFPs, bidding and strategic sourcing.
A New Student Statement Barb HughesJuniata CollegeCustomized student statement pulls data into Excel and Publisher for mailing, and is available online for both students and staff.
Official Payments for using e-commerce Mitzi Steele         Tom GavinRoanoke College        Official Payments CorpOfficial Payments will provide information on how we are seamlessly integrated to Datatel WebAdvisor for credit card and ACH payments.  We will explain to colleges and universities how easy it is to implement the various products we offer at NO cost to your institution.  Also, provide you information on Payment Plans, eBilling, ACH, and CISP/PCI.
Reporting and analysis of Colleague data using SQL, Crystal Reports, and Excel Robert FerrilliFerrilli Information GroupReporting and analysis of Colleague data using SQL, Crystal Reports, and Excel.


2007 HR (Human Resources) Track Sessions

Track Leader:  Jill Schutz -  jschutz@ccac.edu

HR Workflow for StipendsAlan BickertonCCACUtilizing Colleague workflow and the student system we create stipends for credit courses
Self Service for Payroll
Employee Online Services on Web
Pat StranoWidener UniversityEmployee Online Services on Web
Tips & Techniques Round TableJill Schutz           Jay DiFrankCCAC
Gannon University
How to:  Refund taxes, tax business expenses, set up a mini pay run, upload JE to CF, 941 tax worksheet, balance regular earnings, etc.
Mass Wage & Benefit ChangesMary Karg
Jay DiFrank Kathi Lieb
Gannon UniversityThese changes can be done with mass change routines that eliminate having to change individual employee records.
AIG Biometric Time Entry & ApprovalKurt Spence          Lew LoveGannon University              AIG TechnologyAre you wondering if there is an alternative to paper time cards, magnetic swipe cards, Excel spreadsheet or web time entry?  Gannon University has integrated AIG Technology's biometric time entry system into the Colleague payroll module.  Come see this new approach to time entry.
Web Time EntryDottie Wassel
Jay DiFrank        Kathi Lieb
Gannon UniversityLearn how one school went through their change to Daily Time and Attendance and then Web Time Entry for all students and hourly staff.  Also hear of our hurdles with system modifications and making it through release 18.


2007 IA (Institutional Advancement) Track Sessions

Track Leader:  Lisa O'Dellick - odellil@juniata.edu

Getting Ready for CAKarli GrantDatatel 
Ben to CA RoundtableRobert SebestaRoanoke CollegeRoanoke is in the middle of their Ben to CA conversion.  Come and talk about the steps they have taken to date.
Side Stepping the Activities & Events Module with On-line RegistrationChris Gibboney   
Joel Pheasant
Juniata CollegeEnhance your event registratino process using PHP technology along side Datatel.  Come to this session to see what Juniata College's Alumni Relations Office is using.
Data Integrity/Cleaning Your Data for ConversionNancy BryantWashington & JeffersonColleague Advancement is coming.  Is your data ready to be converted?  Hear what Washington & Jefferson is doing in preparation for Collegue Advancement.


2007 IT (Information Technology) Track Sessions

Track Leader:   James Williams - williaja@neumann.edu

Compliance, Part 1.  What Laws?  What Do They Say?Russ Bilotta                    David Fusco                 John Sonnen Neumann College             Juniata College                 Washington & JeffersonPresenters will describe critical elements of GLBA, SOX, FERPA, HIPPA, CALEA, and other federal laws, plus copyright infringement and downloading of music and video files.  Keeping up is hard to do.  Get an up to date review of the legal responsibility of college employees to protect data and personal information.
Compliance, Part 2. Active compliance methods in use.Russ Bilotta                    David Fusco                 John Sonnen Neumann College             Juniata College                 Washington & JeffersonAlthough moderated by a panel, this will be in the format of a Birds-of-a-Feather session focused on discussions about common issues.  Floor is open to questions about compliance practices, suggestions, or any related topic.
Integrating Campus Safety and Health Services into DatatelTerri AustinRoanoke CollegeLearn how Roanoke College has incorporated Campus Safety and Health
Services into Datatel.  Customized Envision Screens allow Campus Safety
to track keys and all charges (ID's, decals, citations etc..).  Other
customized screens allow Health Services to track all their
Getting Unidata Data to the Web.  For FREE!Rick Brown        Joel PheasantJuniata CollegeUse Tomcat Java Script Uniobjects and XML to give Web developers real-time access to Datatel data in Unidata.  This is the technology that is behind how Juniata uses conferences and events , online statements, portals (Alumni web pages, My Juniata, etc...), directories, picture rosters, catalogs, budgets, emergency contact/SMS updating, meal plans, advisor sign off, statement history, student employment, and more...
Entrinsik Informer at Allegheny CollegeJason Ramsey              Pete GiffordAllegheny CollegeThe implementation and use of Informer has been of great value at Allegheny.  It has completely supplanted any plans on Querybuilder for reporting.  In addition it allows users to retrieve information in any one of several useful formats for use in further analysis.  As a case study, our Athletics Department has been almost completely moved from queries on menus to Informer reports, thereby improving accessibility, flexibility of output and ease of maintenance.  One of Informer’s current limitations is its inability to work with file suites.  Still, it is in heavy use in Financial Aid and is growing in popularity for departmental budget reporting.
Developing Training for Datatel UsersDiane JacobsCommunity College of Allegheny CountyThis workshop will provide an overview of strategies for developing
training programs for Colleague users.  Learn how we have deployed
online training and instructional documentation, to include new
developments, demos, procedures, cheat-sheets, and assessments.  

Running Colleague and Benefactor on LinuxPatricia Kelly       Sharon OsterhoutDeSales UniversityWe will discuss the decision to move to a Linux platform and the initial planning. We will describe the general steps required in moving from Unix to Linux and the issues we encountered, most notably issues with switching to cups printing. We will also describe the advantages of the Linux platform as we have experienced them.


2007 ST (Enrollment and Student Services) Track Sessions

Track Leader:   Athena Frederick - fredera@juniata.edu

Admissions Application OnlineNeil BellesNeumann CollegeNeumann College uses third-party online services at the "front-end" and "back-end" of our student experience at Neumann.  We have an online application (I2E - "Inquiry Too Enrollment") that imports prospect and application information into Colleague and an alumni online community using the 3rd party application - iModules.  The iModules alumni data is exported from Benefactor using DMP.  In addition, this presentation will briefly review the Colleague Transfer process to transfer student information from Colleague to Benefactor.
Online student statementsBarb HughesJuniata CollegeSee how Juniata College developed a new paper Student AR Statement by adapting Datatel's AR Statement process to produce a workfile, that is then loaded into MS Publisher for printing.  Then see how the statements were easily transferred to the web, where they are available for historical reference to students and staff, and how a current to-the-second statement can be viewed on the web by the student or by staff.  All without WebAdvisor!
Degree Audit and their special considerationsChris MacEachernJuniata CollegeUsing Query Language to capture degree requirements.  Some unique Juniata situations: double advisors and self design and individualize Program of Emphasis.
Tips/Tricks for Experienced Users (ST)Diane JacobsCommunity College of Allegheny CountyTIPS AND TRICKS FOR EXPERIENCED USERS (ST)Learn how we train experienced users at CCAC to enhance their productivity with timesavers and advanced lookups.  This workshop will cover using semi-colon lookups, using additional selection criteria in reporting, creating save-lists for use in reports and labels, and custom screens and reports.  We’ll also share the job aids or “cheat-sheets” we have created for users.
Empowering your staff with Query BuilderAthena FrederickJuniata CollegeBuilding Reports and streamling job tasks.  Taking the staff's workflow processes and cutting the check and audit for registration, transfer credit and for Administrative and Departmental needs. 
Suspect (prospect) Maintenance and Application ImportsLillian  Mundo                   Linda KuestnerSusquehanna University    
Rose & Tuck

Every school has different requirements and challenges when importing prospective student data, and applicant data, into their systems. Susquehanna University was no different. For starters, they obtain electronic data for suspects. Standard Colleague functionality requires populating primary data files and wasting ID numbers for records most likely to be purged, while third-party options will not integrate with Colleague data. Additionally, SU receives inquiries and applications electronically from a variety of vendors. Datatel's delivered Application import utility does not work with vendors who cannot change their extract format. More importantly, data loaded did not comply with SU's business rules. This session will show you how these obstacles were overcome using customized solutions by Rose & Tuck.


2007 Vendor Sessions

For Vendor information, contact Rich Metzger - rmetzger@allegheny.edu

Electronic Forms and Document ArchivingJim ConstantinSource 4Learn about our software that converts Datatel default print output to blank laser-printed forms without reprogramming the application.  Output goes to a laser printer, fax, email or the web.  We will also introduce FP Archive--a new solution that simplifies both document archival and retrieval.  Learn why over 170 Datatel users have selected Source4.
Document Management, Workflow & ImagingLew LoveAIG TechnologyClicking Print in Datatel = Printing, Distributing to recipients and filing into electronic manila folders when using AIG Technology’s D3 Workflow Suite.  Even Word Merge letters from Datatel’s Communications Management to Students, Alumni, Vendors and Employees are filed automatically.  Interoffice envelopes are extinct!!!  Metal filing cabinets are extinct!!!   Attend our presentation and I’ll show you how we do it!  Also, all products are developed by AIG Technology. One request to support handles all questions; as we abide by the KISS principle. 
It's 3AM...Do you Know Where your IT Assets Are?Scott HairSchool DudePrior to 1985, educational organizations invested heavily in physical assets, such as buildings and facility systems.  Since then, investment in IT infrastructure has increased rapidly, and educational institutions must now master asset management for both facility and IT assets.  This course will review major trends and breakthroughs in IT Asset Management (ITAM) and the emerging technology needed to identify and manage your IT assets, including hardware and software.  ITAM will have a major impact on how you manage your organization's growing IT investments over the next several years, so don't miss this opportunity to learn more about emerging ITAM technology.
Introduction to Informer Web ReportingAngela HollandEntrinsikInformer is a powerful MultiValue reporting solution allowing organizations to leverage the Web to share information assets with virtually unlimited number of people anywhere at any time.  Join us as we demonstrate how this easy-to-use Web Reporting Tool provides a unified business intelligence environment and consistent, real-time information for everyone impacting key business processes.  We will demonstrate Informer Web Reporting v3.2.2--the latest release of the popular reporting solution from Entrinsik.  This session will review report creation, customization, data export features, Informer Security, Meta File maintenance, scheduling, business intelligence
support, and much more.  Upon completion of this session attendees will have a solid understanding of how Informer can establish a secure report repository for your organization while allowing end users of all skill levels to intuitively manage their individual reporting needs.
Real time Financial Aid/Bookstore InterfaceLeila MacCarthyTrimdata CorpImplementing a real time interface between the campus bookstore and Colleague's FA, Sponsor billing and AR modules. 
Datatel-integrated Document ManagementCandance DanielsPerceptive SoftwareImageNow integraded document management, imaging and workflow software puts paper and electronic documents at your fingertips with a single click from your Datatel applications.  Learn how ImageNow's cost-effective patented integration technology maximizes the functionality of your existing Datatel software applications across all departments.
Electronic Procurement for Datatel SchoolsHarry GoldbergMercury CommerceLearn how Datatel schools are benefiting from e-Procurement purchasing and bidding solutions.  Session will include an overview of our solutions and provide real-world examples of purchasing tools integrated with Datatel.  Datatel schools are saving time and money with Mercury Commerce e-procurement solutions.  Learn how easy it is to get started.
Point and Click Reporting with DataReady & Web WizardMel SorianoEagle RockEagle Rock Information Systems will feature its flagship product WebWizard, which connects UniData to the Web.  ERIS will also highlight DataReady for WebWizard, its powerful web-based reporting system.  See how easy it will be to deal with paragraphs and queries.  Come by and hear how ERIS delivers web integration software and consulting services to education and e-Commerce clients throughout North America
Certified by  Datatel and costs your institution nothing!!Tom GavinOfficial Payments (Tier)Official Payments will profide information on how we are seamlessly integrated with Datatel WebAdvisor for credit card and ACH payments.  We will explain how easy it is to provide you information on Payment Plans, eBilling, ACH, and CISP/PCI compliance.